Moda Daysail Charm Quilt

I found some yummy Moda Daysail before it's release date in 2015.
I'm planning to do the Fat Quarter Shops next BOM using Moda Daysail, so I didn't go over board and only bought a couple charm packs.
I really didn't have big plans with them. 

I knew I wanted to cut into them ASAP!
Perfect opportunity to experiment with the Quick Curve Ruler, which resulted these fun blocks.

Because the QCR doesn't have a deep curve my blocks came out roundish squarish and on point. 

It didn't take long for 2 blocks to turn into 20 blocks...perfect for a little quilt.

I even had a spare moment to load it on the Innova.

After stitching in the ditch, a bit of ruler work I did some quick freehand filler stitches for the empty spaces.

A fun spiral design for the blocks.

Lot and lots of fun texture!

Another fun filled quilt!

My crazy addictions

The weather has been fantastic for my love of running and quilting!
Quilting ranks pretty close to my first love of running.
When I run I think of quilting and when I quilt I think of when I'll run again.
Crazy huh!

I had the urge to piece a lil boy quilt and used one of Sew Kind of Wonderful's designs to come up with a quickie.
The pattern is called Mod Olives.
But I couldn't seem to find the exact pattern, so I improvised and used my cutting measurements to come up with the same block.
Finished size will be 36" x 52"

A baby girl quilt is on the long arm now and it's just about done.

I also pieced a second Modern Building Blocks.
After piecing my own Modern Building Blocks quilt top, one of my customers asked if I'd piece hers too.

Of course, no way was I going to pass that up.
I had such a blast with the first one.

All 48 blocks pieced and ready to go home!

Modern Building Blocks Quilt

I finished piecing my Modern Building Blocks Quilt.
I bought my quilt kit from my favorite quilt shop...Fat Quarters Shop.
The service is always very friendly and super quick.

The quilt pattern suggests piecing the big blocks first and work your way through.  

36" blocks
18" blocks
12" blocks
6" blocks

The segments came together very easily!

Starting to look more like a quilt!

Finished at nice size of 84"x96"

I'll be honest...I loved piecing these blocks!!!
Two blocks were a bit challenging but with some patience they were easily accomplished.
Except for one block that I even pieced twice and still wouldn't come out to the correct size. 
Pain in the you know what!
The good thing is only my long arm quilter and I will know which block I had trouble with. ;-)

Moda Miss Kate Spring Fling Quilt

I've loaded and unloaded my Spring Fling top on the longarm.
I would have quilted it a few weeks back but couldn't decide if I wanted to add an outer border.
I ended up adding a border and making it a good size baby quilt.

After stitching in the ditch it was time to add some fun quilting designs.
Mixed in a few straight quilting lines and a freehand feather for the border.

One of my dearest girlfriends is expecting her first baby later this year.
I'm over the moon excited for her!
I can't wait to shower her with a gazillion quilts and maybe a few crafty things!
Also bound and labeled my Metro Medallion quilt.
I'm hanging on to it till I find a new owner.
Today was a fun mail order of Aurifil thread from Green Fairy Quilts and an order of fabric for my next quilting adventure arrived!

Metro Medallion's Final Stage

I tackled my Metro Medallion quilt with gusto!

Of course being human I did have a cutting mishap.
I messed up on one of my diamonds.
Luckily it was a minor mistake and I bounced back quickly.
I'm relieved because I didn't want to wait till August to buy the replacement fabric, when Moda BasicGrey Persimmon is out in stores.  
I also added a few more blocks to finish as a square quilt size. 

I decided to custom quilt it on the long arm.
I ended up doing 2 color thread changes throughout for the stitch in ditch and quilting designs.

Working from the free tutorial by Sew Kind of Wonderful was a breeze to follow.
I'll probably buy the released pattern.
I'm planning on making this quilt pattern again and interested to see if she wrote it up the same as her tutorial.
I listened to the suggestions of pressing my seams open in a few areas, but not in all areas.
Only because when I go to stitch in the ditch, I need a ditch to stitch in and with open seams it's hard for me to get a nice groove.
It's a trade off to having bulky seams where they meet.
But I'm careful and give my pressing extra attention at those points.
I really don't worry about quilting through the bulky seams with the Innova, because the hopping foot has a spring action.

I just need to add the finishing touches with the label and the binding!

Metro Rings Quilt with Moda Miss Kate is done!!!

I'm excited my Metro Rings with Moda Miss Kate is quilted, labeled and bound! 
I've always loved how Sew Kind of Wonderful quilted hers and wanted mine to look similar.
I couldn't be happier with the quilting texture and the weight of the quilt with wool batting.
I think I may love my quilts more after they've been washed and dried!

Puddle Jumping with Moda April Showers

My Puddle Jumping quilt went traveling...on a plane, in a car and off to the beach.
Yup, I get nauseous just thinking about it.  
The older I get the less I enjoy getting to the destination.
But always enjoy relaxing at the beach.
A few close-up pics while on the frame.
Mixed a bit of ruler work for some straight line quilting with a semi dense pebble fill.
It was a bit over-casted in Coronando but the weather was still pretty enjoyable.
We took a detour on the way home and spent Easter with Mickey and his friends.
I couldn't be happier to get home and be greeted by my new friend...Moda Miss Kate!