Urban Pods Quilt

Friday was the perfect night to hide in my sewing room after a crazy week at my day job.
I wanted to whip together a baby quilt for a friend.
I chose to use the QCR and one of the fabulous patterns...Urban Pods.
I reduced the original pattern size for a baby quilt.

Sliced and diced a few Kona solids.

Enjoyed lots and lots of chain piecing...

And trimming up the blocks.

Quickly I had an adorable modern baby quilt.

Then off to load it on the longarm.
After stitching in the ditch, echo ruler work and some freehand ups and downs.

 I filled in the color pods with two different quilt designs.
It's always fun to mix up the texture.

Longarm Quilting Riverdale Quilt

A wonderful Riverdale quilter requested a pretty feather pantograph design for her blue and beige quilt.
I've quilted a few of these quilt patterns, but I always forget to ask the pattern name to share on the blog.

I do love how the blocks are big for showing off large printed fabrics.

Warm and Natural batting was provided and I chose the thread color to blend into the beautiful fabrics.

Modern Building Blocks Quilt

I recently enjoyed custom quilting a customer's Modern Building Blocks quilt.
I love how she pieced the blocks for her own layout.
Such a fun quilt to work on from start to finish!
I used the original quilt for some inspiration but mostly it was all about keeping the theme of straight line quilting.

Using the method of dot-to-dot quilting, I marked my registration points.
It's time consuming but well worth it when the points line up.
But it's also okay if I didn't hit all the marks because it's the joy of freehand quilting and the love of using my longarm rulers that matters.

The red hospital block was well liked when I shared it on instagram.
The outside echo lines were done without the ruler or the computer...done by moving my longarm machine vertically and horizontally using the hoping foot to measure the spacing between the lines.
The purple disappearing marks in the white were used to line up my longarm ruler for the grid work.

I did make a few custom digital quilt designs to fit in the blocks using my IQ and Art and Stitch program. 
I love both worlds of freehand quilting and digital quilting!

I'm also a knot and bury thread kind of gal. 
Another time consuming task but well worth the finished look.

These diagonal lines were tricking to line up to make the cool triangle grid.
You can see my spacing is a little off when I used my longarm ruler...

but when you look at the whole block you don't even notice.
My channel locks came in handy for the vertical lines.

Measuring at 84"x96" full of quilting goodness!

Longarm Machine Quilting Lemoore Quilt

A Lemoore quilter requested some longarm quilting on her red white and black quilt.
The colors are always striking when used together in a quilt.
She purchased the top from the Common Thread Quilt Guild
from a previous quilt owner.
But re-assembled the sash with her own black fabric.
At first she requested an allover design or whatever I felt was good for the quilt.
Well, I thought a little bit of quilting would be good.
I've been quilting for her for a few years and love that she trusts me with her projects.

I've been dying to use some of my many computer quilt designs.
So I chose a block design that fit with the pieced block and a coordinating sashing design. 

Hobbs wool batting was requested...one of my very favorite batting types to use.

She was more than ecstatic with her new quilt!

Longarm Quilting Clovis Quilts

I recently enjoyed longarm quilting two beautiful quilts for a fellow Common Threads Quilt Guild member.
I was totally excited that she would trust me to longarm quilt a couple of her creations.

Her beautiful rose quilt custom quilted...

Her adorable baby quilt with minkie backing mixed with a pantograph design and custom quilting...

Longarm Quilting Hanford Quilts

A couple of customer quilts finished off with some cool all over designs.

Customer's scattered triangle quilt went well with a random triangle pantograph.  

She also requested a mix of two color threads, top quilting with a solid thread color and the bobbin thread with a vibrant variegated thread.
The quilting turned out amazing on the black backing!

Quilting swirly poinsettia's on a customer quilt is a sign Christmas is just around the corner.

"D" is for Darling

or "D" is for Darby!
I pieced my letter block (a long, long time ago) using the instructions Spell It with Fabric from the Moda Blog.
I did alter the size to finish @ 7.5" square and added a teeny tiny 1" star.

This maybe the tiniest block I've ever stitched in the ditch on.

I think it's going to look cute added to my mini quilt wall!

And check out this nifty gadget I stole from my DH bicycle.
He uses the lighting when he rides in the dark, but I thought it would be fancier on my Innova longarm handles.

Even though I have an above light bar on my Innova frame, it seems wasteful to turn it on during the daytime.  
The best thing is, the led lights run off batteries.

Baby quilts and a new buddy

I finished quilting not one, not two but three adorable baby quilts for one of my quilting customers!

She pieced some adorable strip quilts with chenille appliqued flowers.
I thought it would be fun to long arm quilt each one differently but echo the flowers the same.

Threw in a few fluttering butterflies with some freehand swirls quilted around them.

Quilted a freehand feather meander.

A mix of freehand feather swirls.

I went on my daily run and came home with a new friend.

What a trooper he ran 3 miles and didn't stop.
Of course I was a little nervous he was following me but he turned out to be such a sweet dog.
I just hope his owners feel the same way and claim him soon!