A quick baby quilt

Don't you love when your friends ask for a quick baby quilt the day after the baby is born?!
I DO!!!
I was on a mission to get it done in time for her to meet her handsome new nephew.
Here's a not so flattering picture of the quilt top before ironing.
The start to some late night quilting.
A special tag with all the juicy birth info.
Super soft minky for the backing.
Lots of fun texture to cuddle up with as he gets older.
Another addition to his already adorable nursery!

Custom Quilting Lemoore Quilt

I longarm quilted a customer's Mardi Gras quilt.

A whimsical allover design in the body of the quilt, diamonds in the inner border and piano keys for the outer border were requested by the customer.  

Machine Quilting Hanford Quilt

I machine quilted a vibrant Kaffe Fasset quilt.
Customer requested an open allover design.

The middle fabric panel isn't Kaffe Fasset, but it sure does play perfectly with all the other fabrics.

Longarm Quilting Fresno Quilt

A Fresno quilter brought her "Tumbling Charms" quilt for some longarm quilting.
She had a specific plumeria design and found the quilting design for me.

A beautiful combination of an allover quilting design with a curly leaf border around the appliqued flower.

A corner picture of the border design without the flower appliqué. 

The weekend was perfect to run to the coast and soak up some sun.
The weather was a gorgeous 30 degrees warmer than my neck of woods...a whooping 82 degrees!

Even a school of sea otters thought it was good idea to soak up some sun.  

Machine Quilting Visalia Quilt

A customer requested an open pantograph design for her solid color quilt.
Here's a fun tutorial of "X and +" quilt pattern.  

Love how the quilting design showed up on all the bright solid fabrics.