Early Bird Quilt

Lately I've had to urge to sew and quilt A LOT!
I think it's the change of seasons.
Definitely enjoying the sunlight without the summer heat that comes with it.

I recently made the Early Bird quilt pattern.
Using Moda Handmade fabric.

The cutting was a breeze using my Accuquilt Studio.
It's been my quilting BFF since 2009 and still cuts as if it's the first day of use.
I haven't had to replace parts on the unit or any of my original cutting dies.
Periodically I replace the cutting mat, once or twice a year.
I've heard negative remarks about the cutting system...too expensive or how much wasted material it yields.
But I have to say the price I paid for it in 2009, I'm averaging $2.60 a day and that cost goes down everyday.
As far as the waste...I can't say I have anymore than I would by cutting freehand.
I've marked the cutting dies so as to know where to line up the fabric and I'm pleased with a perfect cut each time.
One of the best quilting notions I've bought and used in the 20 years I've been quilting.

It's pretty cool to see some of the blocks have a 3d look to them.
Cables for the quilt design.
Super pleased how well the design nested to the previous row.

Cables look great vertically and horizontally. 

Of course a pretty striped binding for the finish.