My crazy addictions

The weather has been fantastic for my love of running and quilting!
Quilting ranks pretty close to my first love of running.
When I run I think of quilting and when I quilt I think of when I'll run again.
Crazy huh!

I had the urge to piece a lil boy quilt and used one of Sew Kind of Wonderful's designs to come up with a quickie.
The pattern is called Mod Olives.
But I couldn't seem to find the exact pattern, so I improvised and used my cutting measurements to come up with the same block.
Finished size will be 36" x 52"

A baby girl quilt is on the long arm now and it's just about done.

I also pieced a second Modern Building Blocks.
After piecing my own Modern Building Blocks quilt top, one of my customers asked if I'd piece hers too.

Of course, no way was I going to pass that up.
I had such a blast with the first one.

All 48 blocks pieced and ready to go home!