Metro Rings and Social Butterfly Mini

I found another fun quilt mini...Social Butterfly by Lella Boutique.  
It's always fun to mix Bonnie and Camille fabric lines, they seem to go together so nicely without much effort.

I added a feathery antenna, stitched in the ditch

and pebbled around the butterfly to make the body pouf a bit.

Again nothing serious just some fun quilting stitches.

I always try to make use of the same backing fabric when I work on small projects.
Dug out some of my Metro Rings orphan blocks to add to the longarm at the same time.
I wanted to quilt it a little differently than my original quilt.

Again just some fun quilting.

Added my favorite 2" machine binding method to the small projects and now they're ready to hang on the sewing room wall.